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This Weeks Health Tips

Man made viruses change in the body much quicker than natural viruses. They are created by genetic engineers in labs through genetic sequencing. People that consume GMO foods and anything with Glyphosate in them, and those that have had a flu shot, are more prone to getting these. Click HERE to see important information for today’s most recent challenge.

We are holding a ZOOM class every Thursday night at 7:30 on understanding man made viruses and how to support your Immune System naturally. This link  will connect you to our waiting room for the next class.  The meeting password is 969552 and we will move everyone that has a name in the waiting room to the class between 7 and 7:30 the night of the class. We will not connect anyone there without a name.

Please sign in just before 7 pm on class night.

These classes will continue until May 28th and perhaps longer if the interest continues like it has. We have helped more than 150 people so far in the short time we have been running these classes. This list includes some that were diagnosed with COVID-19 and are doing well. Welcome aboard!

What do we do?

Teach you how to take care of yourself and…

Put the body in its’ best possible condition for maximizing healing. When your body/Brain connection is established and maintained, your healing rate can be dramatically increased. We do this with no drugs, no invasion and no potential for harm. Your body was designed to heal. It is about time that our society stopped allowing the maintenance of diseased conditions and learns to respect the design like the rest of the world has. What have we seen go away over the years? Just about anything you can imagine including Diabetes, IBS, digestive concerns, Hepatitis, Cancers, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Heart conditions, CF and other parasite issues, skin issues and many other concerns. Remember, EVERYTHING that happens to the body naturally can be helped naturally. Don’t believe it? Prove us wrong by trying it. What we do is based on over 6,000 years of proven benefit. It can’t hurt! CALL 603-881-5681 FOR AN APPOINTMENT!

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Make the time you have now productive...

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