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Teach the young how to stay well and the old will be well! Invite your kids to our classes!

Welcome to Balanced Health, LLC. We were voted the best health care in Nashua, New Hampshire for 2019 and 2020! Also the best in the country by the Presidential Who’s Who and entered into the Business Hall of Fame. We have helped 15,000 plus people over more than 3 decades with every natural health issue you can name using the natural, whole body approach. The tools we use include Touch For Health Kinesiology, herbal program development and Iridology. We are noted for simple and effective programs. We are also noted for our ability to make the complex simple in our approach as well as in our classes. Please take the time to check us out. Ours is a mission of caring and sharing. Please learn and be well.

This Weeks Health Tips

Man made viruses change in the body much quicker than natural viruses. They are created by genetic engineers in labs through genetic sequencing. People that consume GMO foods and anything with Glyphosate in them, and those that have had a flu shot, are more prone to getting these. Click HERE to see important information and a protocol that has been used to successfully eliminate Corona viruses for over a decade! Thus far, fifteen have shown symptoms and all went on our protocol. THEY ARE ALL WELL!

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The next zoom class is being held on 3-4-2021. This coming class will be a discussion on inflammation. Is it a disease or a solution? Our zoom class has a limited capacity of 1,000 so it is first sign up, first served. However, you can have your friends and family look on with you and that counts as one student. Signup begins at 7 pm the night of the class.

Teach the young how to stay well and the old will be well. Invite your kids to our classes!

What We Do

Teach you how to take care of yourself and…

Put the body in its’ best possible condition for maximizing healing. When your body/Brain connection is established and maintained, your healing rate can be dramatically increased. We do this with no drugs, no invasion and no potential for harm. Your body was designed to heal. It is about time that our society stopped allowing the maintenance of diseased conditions and learns to respect the design like the rest of the world has. What have we seen go away over the years? Just about anything you can imagine including Diabetes, IBS, digestive concerns, Hepatitis, Cancers, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Heart conditions, CF and other parasite issues, skin issues and many other concerns. Remember, EVERYTHING that happens to the body naturally can be helped naturally. Don’t believe it? Prove us wrong by trying it. What we do is based on over 6,000 years of proven benefit. It can’t hurt! CALL 603-881-5681 FOR AN APPOINTMENT! IF THE PHONE IS NOT ANSWERED, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL.

Ponder Points...

2/16/21 Dr. Tenpenny discusses the origins of the COVID shot and things that need to be considered. Why does this doctor put her license in jeopardy? Is this information that important? You bet it is! Click here to check it out.

9/18/20 CAUTION!!! A nurse client took some COVID-19 test swabs and checked them BEFORE THEY WERE USED and they showed a positive test result! This shows that if you get tested, you may be given COVID-19! This confirms what I have heard from others recently.

I was recently told that a Massachusetts family of six decided to get tested. After waiting in line for a long time, they went home and were never tested. The following day, all six were told that they were all positive for COVID-19! More lies to boost the numbers?

A student stated during last nights free Zoom class ( 8/13/2020 ) that he had three positive tests for Corona. Following the third test result he started on my protocol and shortly thereafter, tested negative. Have you clicked the ‘HERE’ link above to get your copy yet?

On 8/13/2020 in an interview with the Governor of Florida and reported on NPR, he stated that the percentage of people that test positive for Corona in his state is around twenty. This means that in order for them to get 10,000 positive tests in one day as was stated two weeks earlier, they would have had to test 50,000 people in one day. That would be taking 50,000 samples, entering 50,000 people in a common database and recording the results of 50,000 people in 8 hours. This would be one complete process every 6 seconds! Does anyone believe that is possible?

A client recently told me that her mother, who lives in Florida, was called to come in to be retested because her last test result was positive. The thing is, she has not left her home for at least six months and was never tested, EVER! Does this mean they are entering names from a database somewhere to elevate the numbers? I can not logically come up with any other explanation.

How did the lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts develop a vaccine against COVID-19 in less than 6 months when historically it takes years to develop a safe one? Do you think it is possible to come out with a safe vaccine in such a short amount of time? Think again!

Vaccines require an Immune System response. If your Immune System is weak, a vaccine will make you sick. If your Immune System is strong, why would you want, or need, to be injected with a disease?

A recent client told me that her relative died at home from Cancer and was never tested, but  COVID-19 was listed as the cause of death. Why did the attending physician lie on the death certificate?

My classes site provides a great deal of information that can be learned to take care of your health. I share over three decades of information for very little money because I care. Why do you procrastinate?

My point of sale system is available to help those that want to help others.

Want to learn natural health techniques? Start with the Body Systems classes.

There are only a few Touch For Health Kinesiology instructors in the U.S. I am one of them.

Learning from one that uses the techniques will always provide the best information.

Why, when there are countless lawsuits against Roundup and the like, is it still available for purchase?

Why do some parents continue to give their children food that is loaded with the proven Cancer causing Roundup in it?

All GMO foods contain Roundup. This includes wheat, corn, soy and other non-organic products. Why do people keep buying them?

Why do the Safety Data Sheets for Glyphosate containing products ( like Roundup ) say do not get in the water or food supply but the packages say spray all over your farms, gardens and property?

Does FDA stand for FATAL DRUG ADMINISTRATORS? Does USDA stand for the UNITED STATES DEATH ADMINISTRATION? Aren’t these agencies supposed to protect the nations health?

Click ALL MUST SEE THIS NOW!! for information that may safe your life.  This is no exaggeration; it is sharing because of caring.

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