Why Kinesiology?

Develop personal awareness and clarify your personal goals & motivation.
Clear mental / emotional / physical and energetic blocks.
Increase energy & vitality and counteract fatigue.
Relieve pain & release tension - headaches, backaches, stomach aches,arm, shoulder, leg & knee pain.
Release mental & emotional stress
Enhance health & wellness and help prevent disease and injury.
Accelerate recovery from illness & injuries
Improve performance at work, school and at home; in sports and in relationships.
Identify foods which enhance your energy and ones that don’t!
Balance your energy flow to enhance your personal bests, achieve more consistent and frequent peak performance, reach your life goals, and enjoy life to the fullest.

The Presidential Who's Who voted Balanced Health the nations Natural Health Care Professional of the Year in 2010. Many people have found Touch For Health Kinesiology to be the only answer for their health concerns over the past 30-plus years and it has no potential for harm. Read on to learn more and come see us to learn what Balanced Health can do for you.

Why Touch For Health Kinesiology?
To answer that question, let me ask you to do something. Votre bras droit devant vous élever parallèle au
sol. Could you do that for me? Perhaps you don’t know French and did not understand that request? If
not, it would be unfair for me to expect you to respond appropriately, wouldn’t it?
Touch For Health Kinesiology will not teach you French. Even if you wanted to learn French, this won’t
help. I use this analogy to point out the simple truth that if you do not understand the request, you are not
likely to fill it. Perhaps it would be fair to state that you would even ignore it. The same thing happens in
the body. I bet you never thought of that. What if your Brain had no idea that your body had a need?
What if your Brain thought the need was minor? Do you think that would affect your healing desire and
rate? Of course it would!
Let’s put that request into English. Elevate your most superior, right radial appendage to an anterior
position such that it obtains a condition that equals perpendicularity to the vertical axis of the Earth.
That’s English but you may not have a clue what I said! This is what happens when someone tries to
impress you with big words. You may pretend to know what they are talking about but still, your
response may not be appropriate. Am I getting my point across? Peaking your interest yet?
How does this relate to your health? One more example for you. Let’s say that you have sore knees and
someone recommends a procedure or medication to take which stops the pain. Then, you go out dancing!
You no longer have a clue that the knees hurt because the signals from your knees and related tissues
have been shut off! What happens? Not only does your Brain stop knowing about the problem and
therefore no longer orchestrates a healing, but you are destroying your knees even faster than before!
Does that sound like a good thing to you? The degree of need that is perceived in no way matches the real
need. In this situation, even if you have everything necessary to rebuild those knees, you won’t know that
you need it! True healing slows down or stops all together!
What can you do about this? Touch For Health Kinesiology! Enhancing the degree with which you
understand the need results in enhancing the degree with which you heal! NOTHING re-establishes your
understanding more than Touch For Health Kinesiology. This simple, non-invasive, non-harmful set of
tools and techniques that were started by Dr. George Goodheart in the late 1950's and since enhanced
through many years of use and spread around the globe, can help you get to a healing place like no other
methods in use today. You want to optimize your ability to be well regardless of your concerns? Use
Touch For Health Kinesiology!
What was that request at the beginning in simple English? Put your right arm straight out in front of you.
Don’t make health complex. Keep it simple and respect the design!
Want health? Don’t interfere with your body’s attempt at healing. Support it!

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Gene FitzPatrick, CK
Balanced Health, LLC